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For some time, I've been striving to maintain databases of chocolate makers, blogs, and more and have been frustrated with the lack of good tools for doing this (i.e., flexible database tools that did not require huge amounts of expensive customization).

Therefore, I've decided to change things up and open things up and start something that could eventually become "the Wikipedia of Chocolate" (and be much more useful).

TheChocolateLife Resource Wiki is not a place to engage in discussions or make blog posts. It's a place to aggregate resources for community access. At the moment there are sections for Chocolatiers (chocolate makers), Confectioners, Blogs, Cocoa Merchants, References, and more. As the Wiki grows, it will include more categories.

If this is a project you'd like to get involved with, I am interested in working with people who are interested in becoming section editors. Let me know.

As with any Wiki, the respect of the community is vital. It's not a place to flame. For the most part I am interested in collecting facts - opinions can be expressed here on TheChocolateLife.

Please note that your ChocolateLife login will not work automatically on the Wiki. You'll be asked to create a new account.

:: Clay 

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Sounds like a good addition to  the cacau/chocolate community. I'm looking forward to "just the facts man, just the facts" . Count me in when you kick off.


Jim Lucas

Sounds good Clay. I can be a resource for all chocolate things Ecuador.




I set up a country page and made you the editor ... you'll have to sign up for an account and let's talk about what the page should contain.

:: Clay


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