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Life is full of twists and turns and around every one of them, I find chocolate. Or it finds me! I am a mere consumer/novice with an open mind to learning.


This year I hope to educate myself much better on this thing called chocolate.


My preference: Dark chocolate, bordering on black.


I live in the midwest U.S. and dang, it's cold here!


My daytime occupation is staff nurse in a busy intensive care unit at a rather large teaching hospital. By night, I am stir crazy! I like to mix and make things, ranging from cross stitch to sewing, to andmade olf-fashioned soap, to shampoo, conditioner and body lotion. My most current challenge was making homemade marshmallows.


I am thankful to be in the midst of seasoned pros and I look forward to learning a few things!

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Welcome, Jennifer!

I'm located in the Rocky's cold here too!  Thank goodness for great chocolates that warm our hearts as well as our bellies!  I'm pretty new myself but I have noticed that the members of "the chocolate life" are very friendly!  I hope you'll enjoy this site as much as I have!


Try reading (The Science of Chcolate by Stephen T Beck)  It covers a lot of information regarding every aspect of Chocolate Making and it's history. It could make you an expert Chocolatier!  CHEERS from Richard & Suzanne SPEHR from
Thanks for the link to more knowledge Richard! We green chocolatiers are always hungry for more things dark and delicious :-)

Richard - it's Beckett, not Beck.

The Science of Chocolate provides a good overview of chocolate basics and a tiny bit of history. If you do plan to go into production then the more complete version, which costs a couple of hundred dollars, is one of the definitive reference guides and is highly recommended.

Link to The Science of Chocolate (hardcover - Amazon)

Link to Industrial Chocolate Manufacture and Use (hardcover - Amazon)

:: Clay



:: Clay


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