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What do you think? any suggestions?

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Dario, will the English name resonate with your target market? I passed through villa madero about twelve years ago. It is a beautiful place. I'm confident the locals will understand the name. However will it allow you to expand? If nationalism picks up will it be a problem?

I really like the logos. On the one with the brown, could you lighten the background color a touch around the B? It almost gets lost in the brown.
Nice work!!!
Well, I gues the word chocolate in it, more than enough.. actually the people here.. I don`t know if most of them will recognize the cocoa pod and beans.. but the product is not really going to go mainstream, it's just my small brand, and I want to get recognized with it, and not just by my name..

what were you doing around Villa Madero :D!

about the colors background and shadows etc.. it's still wip, so advises are apreciated!

Looking nice. But the word Bone is a bit freaking me out . But other than that looks cool

well, it has to do with my nickname in the net.. as J-Bone.
The problem with the J, was that people here that does not know me tends to confuse it with "James bond"  (we speak spanish), so I decided to remove the J.. 
Actually some friends call me "bone" as it reads in spanish.. (BO -  NE).
I wonder what impression the name bones causes in you? :D

thanks a lot for the feedback!


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