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What do you think about my new logo.


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very cool.
That is pretty awesome. Very simple, yet powerful. 2 thumbs up. Your from Iceland right? If I remember correctly.

Thank you, yes, Iceland.


I´ve gone through many design ideas many of them using fancy script fonts with classic patterns. Then I tought, a lot of Chocolatiers use those Designs so I thought let´s go the complete opposite straight lines, black on cream color background


The Idea with making H and K into "one" letter came from my father who used to use his mark J.K.Þ so he put those together similar to my logo.


I´m also working on boxes wich will be simple as well.


Thank you again.

Yeah I have been working on a logo as well, and am trying to stay clear of the fancy script. Seems too cliche these days.


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