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hey members,

I just recently started attempting to make chocolate at home from bean to bar..

let me explain how this came about

I am a graduate of hotel management and whenever i tried to obtain a good cooking chocolate for my recipes (callebaut is a little out of budget) i hit a road block.

that got me thinking, why not manufacture a good cooking chocolate that is affordable..

and this further got me thinking that we dont have any good 'Indian' chocolate brands..

and for the past couple of months ive been going through everything i can find on bean to bar chocolate.. ive been through almost all the discussions on your site (very helpful).. and then i decided its time to stop reading and time to start acting.. 

through a colleague i procured 60 kgs of cocoa beans (not sure which variety, though i think its Indian Forastero) i was too excited to get starterd..

since i got these beans ive gone pretty mad ( in a good way).. i roast and then winnow them by hand.. and stay up the whole night conching/refining in a stone wet grinder..

i know i've rambled quite a bit and i apologize but i wanted you to get an idea of who i am and how much ive fallen in love with chocolate.


Chirag Bhatia

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Welcome to our beautiful crazy world Chirag!

Hey I am just getting started. I love making products from the start and I have become fascinated with chocolate. I have ordered all of my equipment to start and can't wait for it to arrive next week sometime. 

hey Jeff

I know how you feel.. even i couldn't wait and now that I've started i realize that the more i learn, the more i realize i don't know.. its an absolutely amazing experience.. best of luck to you

Thanks Omar

The more the merrier!

There is nothing like using your own cocoa liquor in cooking, roasted just the way you like it. You also have 100% control over added sugar etc.


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