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I'm joining you from the UK, so hi everybody. Like those of you working at being a chocolatier, I don't have much time spare, but like to browse through anything chocolate related when I get a moment to myself! I've been working with chocolate for a couple of years and hope to find premises soon (despite the economic gloom) before my husband and kids report me for filling every inch of the house with packaging and couverture!
I look forward to getting to know you all.


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Actually, the economic gloom may be to your advantage if you can find someone with a place they want to get rid of or rent out and has been empty for a while. I'm waiting for the price to come down, yet again, on a place near where I live. It's been empty for over a year. Eventually, it will get down to where I can afford it.
That's what I'm hoping too! I have to say I've been quite successful in negotiating reductions but they are still a way off what I feel comfortable with. The landlords here haven't been reading the news! They are still holding out for an easy way to boost their pension funds for the most part. I've even enlisted the help of local government to try and convince them that we are better off with full premises at low rents than having empty buildings and a town centre which is slowly closing down for good.

We have been dealing with chocolates machines, molds and plenty of other stuff for quite sometime. This started as my farther's hobby some 10 years ago and it has now expanded to rival our main line of business, i.e, plastic packaging.

PLease have a look at our website: when you have a couple of minutes to spare. We supply to many clients in the EU, and am sure we can be of use to you.

Also, I was in the UK for quite a while upto last year, I graduated from sussex last year but subsequently had to leave because of the recession and the near-dead recruitment scenario. Although, I can't say I'm sad considering that I am now involved with helping out people like yourselves :)

Happy melting!


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