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I am a new chocolate re-melter :) I have successfully tempered
chocolate using the heat-cool/seed-heat method, but I have young kids so having
uninterrupted time to do it right is not something I normally have. Due to that,
I was looking at different small scale tempering machines to give me more leeway. I was
leaning away from the chocovisions because the reviews were really mixed and leaning toward not to positive. I saw good reviews for the ACMC but it's a bit spendy for a newbie/hobbiest.

Has anyone had any experience with the Chocolatedude's machine? It claims it works like the
ACMC but is much more affordable. The only thing I found was a few old discussions
from to 2009 but I am assuming he's improved since then?  Anyone have any idea??
Any input is helpful!! ;D Thanks!!

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I was in the same boat as you when I began. I started with the REV2 and quickly outgrew it. I liked the machine and had no problems with it, but it was super noisy. That is a problem as I have 3 small children. I upgraded to the ACMC a couple years ago. It holds more chocolate and is not as noisy. It is still a bit loud, but not as bad as the REV2. I have outgrown the ACMC now as well and I am looking to upgrade again. Sorry I can't help you with the chocolatedude temperer. Just thought I would give you my experience with the other 2 you mentioned.

I appreciate it! :)  When you upgrade are you looking to sell your used ACMC by chance?

Yeah, I plan on buying something in August. Not sure if that is too long to wait, but I would give you first dibs if you were still interested. You can e-mail me at so I have your info to contact you when I am ready to sell it.

HA!  i'm sure I won't have time to deal with it until at least then!! I'd love to find out what you want for it and things!  I'll email you!

I was asked to run a beta version several years ago. At the time, I owned a Hilliard 80# and an ACMC. The chocolate dude is an ok machine. They didn't use it as a melter, only a temperer. I made several suggestions, and am not sure if they used any of them. I suggested a lid, and either finger holds cut in the sides or pull handles installed so you could grab it and move when you needed to. I think it is better for hand dipping than for molds. It is just a knock-off of the Hilliard design once their patent ran out. I think it would do the same job as a Rev or ACMC. I just prefer the Savage better.

Dumb question-what's the Savage??

Thanks for your input!! That's what I'm curious of-Since I'm such a newbie I want to get decent stuff but not have to take out a 2nd morgage on my house for what's currently a hobby (Yes-I'd love to take it farther but I have to start somewhere! :) )


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