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I am a long-time lurker, who has just joined.  :)


I am changing careers, and will be opening a retail candy/chocolate shop.  This is completely new territory for me, as I have been in corporate for my entire adult life.  I have great skills in many key areas, but I also am very aware of what I lack as a professional, and I know to hire others to supplement, do a lot of research, or simply ask advice of those wiser and more experienced.  :)


My shop will have higher end artisan chocolates, and nostaglic and unusual candy.  Nothing you would find in a grocery store.  The chocolate will be fine and gourmet - nothing you could find even in a chain chocolate shop. 


Anyone who has advice on retail store design, visual merchandising, marketing, profit margins, product selection, even hours of operation, is very welcomed!!  I have my own ideas in all of these areas, but again, I know I can learn a lot from the membership in this community, and I am very hungry to absorb what I can from the experts.


Thank you, all!  :)

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