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So, I made my first couple batches of Chocolate a week ago and even with all my mistakes, it was GREAT.  Maybe like a hot dog when you are camping...better than a rib eye at home.  Anyway as I move forward and plan for my next batches, I was going to make cocoa butter to add to my chocolate.  I was surprised to find that the information on making my own cocoa butter was basically extract it from the chocolate I was planning to return it to.

Am I missing something here?

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What machines are you looking for specifically? What is the hourly or daily production you are expecting to get with it?

To tell the truth, buying used chocolate machinery is very tricky and you need to check very deeply on your purchase.

Right know I just know of two companies that would sell used equipment.

- MTE Bifaro in Italy.

- Union Machinery in the States.

I agree with Miguel about buying used equipment.  Unless it's refurbished or I was planning on refurbishing it, I wouldn't buy used.  This is the "rough service" stuff like a melangeur or conche/refiner.  Basic chocolate equipment like tempering machines and such I believe it's OK (and have done so) to buy used.  

For starter operations, Chocolate Alchemy has a decent array of equipment.


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