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News Covers Madre Chocolate's Xoconusco Success

We're getting into the final hours of our campaign and we're so close we can almost taste it... the delicious, rich, fruity, creamy royal Aztec Xoconusco chocolate bars! But these bars can only become a reality if we make it all the way to 100% funding in the next 7 days. We're just past 72% funded so tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbors, tell strangers that if they want great tasting, original & traditional chocolate made with direct trade cacao grown organically by Mayan farmers in Chiapas, they need to back this project soon! 

And remember, it's not just donating money to help Chiapas farmers whose ancestors helped invent chocolate get organic certification, get better fermenting equipment, preserve their traditional chocolate recipes & rare endangered spices, and bring this authentic traditional chocolate to the rest of the world, but for your backing you also get tons of great rewards like super rare bars we'll make from the first hand-roasted batch of Xoconusco cacao and hard-to-find spices, bars designed specifically to your wants and needs, and private chocolate classes. These delicious limited edition bars are worth the donation alone!


In fact, in a tasting we took part in at the Fine Chocolate Industry Association meeting in Washington DC on July 9th before the Fancy Food Show with our first limited run Xoconusco chocolate bars made with the aromatic maple-scented Oaxacan spice rosita de cacao 

and carefully selected cocoa beans hand roasted on a traditional ceramiccomal griddle in Chiapas,

 we received unanimous praise from attendees. 

Our Rosita de cacao Xoconusco chocolate, made in only 2 weeks bean to bar, waiting for expectant tasters at the Fine Chocolate Industry Association meeting in DC, along with other great Latin American chocolates.


Even stacked up against such renowned fine chocolate makers as Bonnat, Valrhona, Amano, Felchlin, and Pacari that the tasting organizer, the famous Cuban chef Maricel Presilla, had deftly arranged in a historical and geographic order from cacao & chocolate's origins in South and Central America, people including the founder of Dagoba Chocolate were waxing on, even with their small sample, about how much they loved the delicate aroma of the rosita with the fine, smooth, and fruity taste of the Aztec Royal Criollo cacao-based chocolate. They were wondering when they could get full bars of our chocolate into their stores and mouths. But you can have several bars of this rare chocolate before any of the chocerati that were at the meeting if we can get to 100% backing in 7 more days.


It's not just the best chocolate makers and tasters in the country, but the local news in Hawaii is also excited about our project as both a way to get local sustainable economies rejuvenated in both Chiapas and Hawaii, and as way to jumpstart the world of chocolate makers in Hawaii since we will use a small part of the kickstarter funds to be some of the first people to bring medium scale chocolate-making equipment to Hawaii. Right now it's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem with chocolate here- no one wants to plant a ton of cacao since there's no equipment to process it on the islands, and no one wants to bring in the equipment since there's not enough cacao grown here currently to keep the equipment busy. This recent Honolulu Magazine article explains a bit of that issue and how we've been building up the equipment bit by bit, and supplementing the growing Hawaiian cacao production with modest shipments from Latin America. Imminent Hawaii food writer Martha Cheng's article in Honolulu Weekly describes how we and some other local small food businesses are using Kickstarter to get things started right.

And that's where you all come in- helping us get chocolate started right, with a sense of history, ethics, sustainability, locality, and most of all, deliciousness. So please spread the word to anyone you can to help us and the Mexican cacao farmers bring you great tasting chocolate by backing our campaign. We hope to send you some of those tasty results in only 7 days!

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