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I've been experimenting at home making non-dairy truffles with no added sugar for my friends. I've pretty much settled on one reliable recipe, but now I want to expand and up my game! Can anyone recommend books or other resources to learn more recipes for non-dairy and/or no added sugar truffles and chocolate candies? All the books I've seen are pretty heavy on the dairy, and I'm incredibly lactose intolerant.

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Hi Katy, I've been making non-dairy and non-sugar truffles since 2002 - I had to learn on my own though as I could not find books/recipes on this. I learned through experimentation, and trying everything and anything - don't listen to anyone who tells you that you can't make good truffles without dairy. I started and ran a chocolate shop for four years and about 2/3rds of my truffles that I sold were non-dairy/sugar. You can use almost anything - water based infusions, fruit juice, alcohols, non-dairy milks... There are a lot of people like you who cannot tolerate dairy and my truffles sold really well. I no longer own that shop but I am available for consultations. I teach in the culinary department at my local community college and I include these alternatives. Feel free to contact me. -Mark

Hi Katy, if the problem is only an intolerance to lactose it would suffice to use a lactose free milk, otherwise you can have decent result with soy milk (look for a "milky" one). As for the "no added sugar" part, what do you mean? Some Italian chocolatier like Venchi produce sugar free "chocolate" that's quite nice, and it is relatively easy to use sweeteners for a ganache.


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