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I am looking for input on what others have encountered with regard to NSF requirements on equipment.

We are currently looking at retail space and would be incorporating chocolates on a very small scale for now. It appears that our health department is going to require everything to be certified. I currently own a ChocoVision Rev 2 which is the size I want to be using, but of course it isn't certified. I don't want to move to a larger machine at this time.

So has anyone encountered a problem with using the smaller machines? Has it even been questioned in other jurisdictions?

The only thing I can see about the Rev 2 that might cause her to question is the joint between the baffle and the sensor, but it appears that the next machine up (which is certified) has the same set up between the baffle and sensor.

So, is this a case of it just isn't worth it to the company to go through the certification process? or is there really a reason the smaller machines are not certified? Any suggestions or arguments for the health department if it does become an issue?

Thanks much,

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