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I have opened a chocolate truffles business and have sold wholesale for a while. I am looking in to starting selling retail as well. I need to figure out the nutritional information on the product I am selling. Is there a good software for this task that you would recommend?

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Are you going to be selling more than 10,000 units per year? If not, you don't legally need the nutrition info on the label.
I have interest by some large chain stores so that is a possibility. I would rather play it safe and get my packaging set up done once and not have to adjust later.
You might want to look at a piece of software called NutraCoster.
Thank You this helps.
Many states have a program that will analyze your foods and give you the information from contents to packaging recommendations. North Carolina costs $50 per item.

This takes some work but you can assemble the data through the governments website:

It's going to be relative, not absolute.

Doing some searching on nutritional data comes up with a few other sites that require membership (gen. free) that you can assemble your recipes for nutritional breakdown.


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