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One of my customers wants nutritional information on all the packaging of our bars (12 varities).

I do not bode well with computer programs in general, but have an old "mastercook6"  program.  It is, alas the last "mastercook" that came with an actual instruction manual, and I will not purchase nor down load any program that does not come with an actual, paper, instruction manual.  I do not bode well with computer programs.....................

The M6 gives me all of the nutritional information EXCEPT  "sugars" or grams of sugar in a serving, and this is one of the criteria the customer wants.

Does anyone know of a program that will give me this information?

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Hi there,

this is an interesting one, hope someone can help! having a software that can calculate standard value could be very interesting!

Best of luck!

I haven't used it myself, so i can't comment on how good it is or anything, but i know people who have used this:

Might be worth checking out


I'll be checking it out

Hi there,

i did have a look into it, it seems a easy to use thing. you just need to type a recipe and it will calculate the whole NV. unfortunately Cocoa bean, mass/liquor/butter  are  not on the preloaded list! 

Try Living Cookbook, it is easy to use!


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