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I know... It sounds like a caption of Dr. Seuss Chocolate!  Haha!


I've been trying to do things a little different than everyone else and now that we make our own white chocolate, I asked myself why white chocolate has to be white.  After all, the whipped cream on our drinking chocolate is blue and people love it!...


So, I'm asking those of you out there in Chocolate Land to provide your unabashed opinions of the look of our new (and amazing tasting) "White" chocolate bars.  The research has begun and the color (if any) has yet to be finalized.  One important note: IF we choose to leave the color "white", it isn't actually a true white due to the fact that the vanilla beans we use change the color to more of a beige...


By the way, the color is one of our "Standard" shop colors.


Cheers and thanks for your input - the good, bad and ugly!


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If the feedback is 50/50, why not offer 'White Chocolate' for us natural folk and 'Blue Chocolate' for the adventurous?  2 products in 1!
I am one who prefers things as "natural" as possible. I grow things on my farm organically (herbs, fruit) that I add to my chocolates. If I went to a store and saw this blue bar, I would look at the ingredients first, admire the bar, then put it back if I saw a colorant additive.  Perhaps taking "white" out of the thought process and just calling it a XX% blue bar chocolate would pique interest?  On the other hand, maybe there is a natural dried herb that can provide a blue hue or "speckled" hue which might appeal to the masses?  Just throwin it out there :)

I'm definitely in the artificially coloured "white" chocolate sucks camp. There is quite a lot of subconscious psychology associate with food procurement choices. Stick a blue bar with a white bar and see which one you sell. I'm betting > 4 white sales per blue. BUT a blue bar will be bought by some one, and are they influential? 



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