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Any of you that have worked with chocolate know how amazing chocolate is on the skin.  Not only do you smell fantastic when chocolate finds your skin, but the antioxidants of chocolate along with the cocoa butter leave your skin feeling fantastic.  I wanted those amazing sensations of chocolate on my skin, but without the mess. 

After much research, I developed chocolate body care products worthy of the discerning members of The Chocolate Life.  You just can't fake the chocolate smell and sensations and I wanted to keep it as natural as possible.  It had to be real chocolate.

My chocolate body care products are made with and inspired by great chocolate.  The Chocolate Sugar Body Scrub will not only leave you smelling like chocolate but exfoliated and refreshed as well.  The Chocolate Foot Repair Cubes are great for those tough spots like the heels and elbows.  Follow up with the Chocolate Mint Lotion.  Not only is the smell fantastic, the lotion absorbs quickly and doesn't leave you feeling greasy.  Finish off the experience with chocolate for your lips.  Our Chocolate Lips leave your lips kissably soft and come in  five varieties: Chocolate Love, Chocolate Mint Devine, Mocha Madness, Chocolate Orange Smooch, and Chocolate Vanilla Temptation.     

I am happy to announce that indi chocolate is now taking orders at  Please try us out and find one more way to be thankful for chocolate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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