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Hi chocolate lovers&producers!
I have just started the Ecole Chocolat and have been looking at the web pages of several chocolate artisans&manufactures. I am wondering, have you bought online, through internet, chocolate, how often and what kind of experiences have you had? Satisfied or any problems if chocolate was not ok? Postal costs?
And from chocolate artisans I would like to hear, how much you sell online compared to your selling from your boutique? How have you developed this part of your business?
I am living in Geneva and have never bought chocolate online because I am in a happy situtation to be surrounded by chocolate boutiques.
Happy to hear every feedback,
Greetings from Geneva

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Ok, so how do I contact you to do it? May I ask if you have ever been required to have an export license or something for any country? You don't have to answer, you can just ignore if you so desire!! What is the benjamins?! I guess an expression-I'll look it up.
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Warm Wishes,
I will be starting Ecole chocolat in January so I hope it is as good as everyone says, I'm sure it is. I hope your having fun! Online business is tough, I've had a few, not chocolate related. Shipping is usually been a deterrent as it's expensive. Best option is, from Canada anyways was to have a Nafta/Tax number for shipping though the USA to avoid delays. Personally I wouldn't buy something I would eat online unless it came highly recommended and be very special. Supplies sure, but I would be apprehensive about buying something edible. Although I will undoubtly have an online presence when I fully get into this world of chocolate making as I believe you kinda have to these days, it's expected. Just my two cents.
Actually, I'm not against buying food online. I did have one bad experience, but that was in the nature of an experiment anyway (and the issue was sugar content, not freshness). The trusted sources I've bought from -- Donnelly and chocosphere -- were great and I had no problems. Jeff at Lilliebelle went out of his way to make my experience good (had to do a second bunny 'cause the first came during a freak non-seasonal heat wave). I definitely recommend buying online, but I restrict it to people whose chocolate I've already tried.

In fact, I've expanded the types of food I would buy online. When my hub & I got hitched someone gave us a Williams & Sonoma gift card and we bought nothing but food. Their cookies & frozen croissants were amazing. We loved every single thing! I've been ogling the food on lately, but my online purchasing constraint is financial (damn start-up invisible paychecks!). I think it's completely workable if you don't have direct access to the high level desserts or chocolates you crave.
Hi Dirke, the future colleague!
Congrats for your decision on the Ecole Chocolat. I don't know your background but for me the school is lot of work as I don't come from the branche. We have to create our own chocolates and research a lot on the issue so I do not manage to fulfill it in one hour per day. But it's a joy every minute and the tutors take their work very seriously: you'll get good advice and tips.
Hi Kirsi,
I have bought online through many places and found the results to be satisfactory -- the chocolate arrives in decent condition -- i haven't had melting issues except once -- postal costs are another issue -- i live in CA and shipping during warmer months can mean a good part of the year
i have been selling online for over three years -- shipping costs are a constant for my business and i am continually checking for ways to reduce this cost for myself and my customers
hope this helps!


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