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Open Question regarding artisan chocolates marketing study

I apologize if this question would be better suited to the START UP CENTRAL GROUP, (and if it is, we can always discuss this topic in there instead, if anyone is interested, or knows something) But on my way home from the shop tonight, it just occurred to me that I have never really heard anyone discuss any studies on marketing demographics for the Artisan Chocolates Industry. Does anyone have any helpful knowledge or know of any useful resources about any demographics studies into exactly WHO OUR CUSTOMERS ARE???

I am specifically interested in criteria such as:


what age range buys the most artisan chocolates?
which gender?
average annual salary of artisan chocolates purchasers?
do people from one part of the country or specific city or area, purchase/consume more chocolate than other parts of the country?

what is the average consumer purchase on-line and at the counter?


which Industries/businesses purchase the most artisan chocolates for re-sale or gifting for guests/clients/employees???:
???Gourmet online purveyors? Patisserie/Bakery-Cafe? Upscale Grocery? Deli's? Hotels? Caterers? ???

Would any of you more experienced, successful Artisans be willing to share some of your success stories with us about which Industry & Business venues you have had the most success with partnering, & the most effective ways to approach businesses with your Artisan Chocolates??? I would greatly appreciate any information, as this seems to be a VERY important subject that nobody ever seems to really elaborate upon.........

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There are some formal reports you can get for a price. here is something good to know.

According to Packaged Facts, the United States market for chocolate is forecasted to reach an overwhelming $18 billion by the year 2011. Please check out the following site for more details:


If you are interested in the opportunities in China's market, you can response to my blog: Chocolate wonderland in the other side of pacific ocean


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