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Hi everyone! Just wanted to ask your professional opinions on a temperer I've found locally. [Edited to add: Locally is Toronto, Ontario, Canada.]

A shop in my area is going out of business and they are selling their temperer. I believe it is an Air 2 made by Perfect inc (just the info the seller has send me, so I haven't had a chance to verify). The seller mentioned he used this unit more for a melter versus a temperer (using compound) The machine appears to be 10 plus years old and does have a wheel attachment. It's a counter unit.
I don't have an immediate need for the machine, but also know they don't come up used too often. He's asking for $1200 for the unit. Which I believe is fair. I'd be interested to hear your opinions and what the downside/ additional cost will be if I get a lemon. He was using the machine up until a few weeks ago.

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They are pretty low tech - don't think you need to worry too much about a lemon.  They are made in Quebec so if a thermostat goes you should be able to get replacements easily.  I like the idea of the Air vs their water version.

You can add a Perfect enrober to the Air 2 as well when your business grows more (I think I saw one for sale on the classifieds here on CL) .   

I have one with the enrober. It is a good little machine. Like Kerry says, low tech. It isn't the greatest temper, but for the price, it certainly will get the job done.


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