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I am wondering if there are any options to  have chocolates manufactured to my specifications, which I can then package and sell? I would like to know if such companies exist - who are willing to do the manufacturing - and how I might find them.

Any input anyone may have will be really helpful.


Thanks much,


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Where are you physically located?
I'm located in the New York area.

Can you give a ballpark annual volume estimate?

also should ask, what type of product (solid bar, filled, filled with what kind of materials, how flexabile are you, etc).  Sorry, on the other side of the world this week, jet lags' wreaking havoc.

Hi Sebastian,

I'm actually in the very early stages and in the process of researching my options. I'm afraid I don't have a lot of details to give you just yet. Are you involved in this yourself? If you're travelling, I'll be happy to give you a call when you get back and we can talk in some detail. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks. Let me know.


no, but i know most of the contract mfrs.  i'm trying to gauge which of them might be appropriate for you to discuss with - you must have some sense of your volume potential...


What's your initial reaction if  i say a ton (2200 lbs)?  Let's use this as a litmus test..

Hi sebastian,

Give me a couple of days to get back to you with something that makes sense. I am wondering though if there's someone who'd be willing to start with small batches and eventually grow to a larger scale. I would like the option to test the concept out in market before committing to something large scale.


Also - feel free to email me directly at Thanks.

Hi Geetha, in Ecuador we produce cocoa liquor for couverture and high quality chocolates, if you wish, we can help you with the product you need, send me to the specifications, quantities and all the details to send you an offer, which I will be happy to help..



I am located in upstate New York and I am currently working on a business plan for a small bean to bar chocolate prosessing company. I can currently provide 9 # per batch and am looking  at expanding to about 30 # per week I would prefer to make and sell couviture chocolate. My email is I work with fair trade organic beans and like the single source chocolate. However I would be willing to talk about your specifications.

Thank you, Gloria



You are in a classic startup situation here: You see an opportunity but want to gauge the marketplace before committing to large production. The challenge here will be to find a confectioner (I am assuming you are talking about some sort of bonbon here and not bars) who is willing to work with to develop custom recipes without any commitment on your part with respect to eventual purchases of the recipes you develop.

In the cases where I've been involved in brokering relationships like these where the client has limited resources (i.e., not a lot of money to invest) it has always turned out that the first products to be tested were variations of existing products the manufacturer already made. For example, a specific center (e.g., a caramel or praliné) in a different mold or decorated differently. In this way the concept you are trying to develop can be tested. Once the concept proves out and there is some basis on which to plan production, then custom flavors can be discussed.

I have yet to be successful in persuading a manufacturer to do all of the development work "on the come" so to speak, especially where the client feels that their recipes are differentiable.

If you do have the resources, be prepared (and offer) to pay for the recipe development; it can be surprisingly inexpensive. This way it's much clearer who "owns" the recipes and you can establish a mutually beneficial working business relationship from the very beginning.

Hi Clay,


Thanks so much for the detailed response. What you say makes a lot of sense. I was thinking of a specialized bar though - not confections. Would your comments apply even for bars?



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