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We are currently looking for additional supply of organic and fair trade cacao liquor and are wondering if anyone on The Chocolate Life located in the US or Canada could offer us supply in the 25KG + (up to pallet quantities) of a very good quality cacao liquor?  We have worked with Dominican, Peruvian and Costa Rican liquor, but are also interested in other origins.  


We have warehousing in Washington state and are also located in British Columbia Canada, so shipping in either country is possible.  


Thanks!  Kent 

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If you would like to source this directly from Ecuador for shipment into the US or Canada, let me know. I can get product made to your specs with your chosen variety of beans from Ecuador (Arriba/Naciona, CCN-51, or a blend.) Please contact me here on
Thanks Jeff.  I have sent you a message with more details of our needs.
We can supply you with organic liquor or put you in touch with Icam. They have fair trade and organic liquor and chocolate. I have samples in my office at Qzina in LA. Nice stuff.

Hello Richard,

Thanks for the reply. Would like to learn more.  I can send you some details and would like to learn more about what you have and Icam.  Perhaps we can get some samples send to our warehouse in Blaine, WA.

I am waiting for a quote and some info from Icam. They have a sales office in LA, made in Italy,, also I was told that Guittard has an organiic liquor, do you need FT or just Organic?


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