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Hello Chocolate lovers,

I'm a new member here and very excited to get to know you guys :). I am actually a business student of UC Berkeley Extension who of course loves chocolate. However, being a good world citizen, I am alway aware of unfair trade products, especially products I frequently consume like chocolate. 

As you guys might already know about child labor and human trafficking problems in cocoa industry in Ghana and other West African Region, I'd like to ask you for opinions about fair trade chocolate products. Are you usually aware of that? and Do you normally check the label before buying?

Here's a new product line of Hershey's chocolate bar that supports the idea of ending child labor in this industry. Please go to our Facebook page and share your valuable ideas and opinions with us! Let make the world a better place together and make our favorite chocolate bar more valuable as well :)



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I agree that it is important. I buy direct trade. Most small farms and co-ops cannot afford the certification fees for fair-trade or organic.
It's good that Hershey has this line available, however I would be impressed if they took steps to ensure all of the cocoa they purchase is fairly traded.


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