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For years, I've used the organic Callebaut chocolates for my chocolate truffles.  I had set my mind to switch to the new Valrhona Andoa line of organic and fair traded chocolates, only to learn that they are in dispute with the FDA over the "organic" status of the soy lecithin.  Valrhona is now prohibited from selling the Andoa line as organic until the issue is resolved. 

Does anyone have any good leads as to a high quality, organic chocolate, preferably in discos form, and bulk (kilos)?  I suppose that I could always go back to Callebaut, however I prefer the fair traded status to compliment the organic status.  I use dark in the 70% + range and milk in the 30% + range.  Any leads?  Thanks.

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Cacao Barry has an organic and fair trade 72% chocolate that doesn'T contain lecithin. I know some people in Canada who are using it because of the same issues that you mentioned.

Thanks Gene, I'll try them.


I get 70% fair trade organic chocolate from Ciranda ( it is labeled CocoaRica), and 32% fair trade milk chocolate from Puratos. Both are Peruvian in origin. You need to buy it in 2,000 pound pallets from these suppliers. Sweet Earth Chocolates carries a variety of intensities of chocolate, and can be purchased in smaller quantities (for considerably more per pound). All of these are in wafers of various sixes.

Best wishes,



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