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Looking for a packaging manufacturer.....any suggestions?

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I'm pretty simple with my packaging. I use this box for most of my chocolates. I put 8 of my truffles in it. Each of them are around 15-16 grams, so it ends up being just shy of 5 oz most of the time. I have the other larger windowed box, but I don't use it quite as often. I should for assorted boxes, but since I have to pay for every minute of kitchen time at the moment, I try to keep things as streamlined as possible.

I like the box though because it's simple, it's cheap ($0.34 each on a cs of 250 before shipping), and it's got a good sized window to display the truffles with. They're really easy to set up too. It only takes me a few minutes to put together a bundle of 25 of them.


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