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Does anyone know of any great websites that sell packaging particularly good for chocolate making...I am not going big here, just local markets and friendly preferable.


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If your making truffles I can recommend NatureFlex bags by Innovia though you will need to find out from Innovia who makes bags in your country if your not in Australia or NZ.
why is natureflex good for truffles specifically?
There is no specific reason truffles suit NatureFlex better than say rocky road or loose chocolates. I just don't see many bars in clear packaging. We put ice blocks (the Australian name for ice confectionary) into it, it's very adaptable, heat sealable and a good barrier film.
i see. thanks for sharing
Try Nashville Wraps-- they have a line of eco friendly candy packaging, and many are affordable.
I found them, they are great! thank you!


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