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Anyone have a paper company that supplies paper rolls for an enrober? Mine came with waxed paper and its terrible. The paper slides near the end of the roll or in shipping and then doesn't feed correctly. I have a SELMI PLUS. Looking for rolls of parchment type paper.

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I had my paper supplier make up some sample rolls.  They were less expensive per roll, but I had to buy more rolls.  Mine are 6 inch parchment rolls--3000 feet per roll.  $40 per roll. for a Perfect enrober.  I think Clay knows another supplier.  I took pictures of the core so they would get it right.

I have 12.5" and 8.66" in stock used on the Dedy 220mm and 320mm enrobers.

I will measure mine tomorrow and see what they are

Have you tried Harold Guttman? I think you have to get a full case from him, but he deals directly with mills and he will send you samples of possible papers before you commit to a large order. His contact info:


fax 866-372-2403

I am jealous of your SELMI;

Mahalo, I'll give him a ring.

thanks for the info

I have a perfect enrober and buy paper rolls from them when I need to. Perfect does a lot of custom work so most likely they would be able to create what you need based on your specifications. Good luck.

Dredge this thread up for other ideas. Not really wanting to invest in a case but I'm sure shipping from Quebec (Perfect enrober here) won't be the most cost effective or expedient to Stateside.


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