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Hi there, I am just about to launch my little artisan company and am trying to finalise a few items for my range that will be relatively long life.

I have successfully made a nice selection of Pate de fruit from local seasonal fruits. However I have noticed that they have started to turn sticky. I have read many notes about sealing with veg oil, using a special coating sugar, drying time etc. I am still unsure as what is actually best practice with these.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I am also having tremendous trouble locating caramel cello wrappers in the UK and can find Niege Decor but not granulated coating sugar, i'd be very glad if anyone can assist.

Many thanks, Sally.

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I have found they are fine if you can keep them open to dry out for long enough in a warm dry place. we coated our first batch in granulated sugar it took about three goes and a few weeks to dry out But they have kept well for months. It was also much easier when the weather was warm. These were apricot and apple combinations. We made one batch using elderberries and apple which did not like the granulated sugar and became sticky. I have used dextrose on these as it absorbs the moisture and it seems to be going ok so far. I think letting them dry for long enough before you package is very important. Im not an expert though.
Thanks very much Cheryl, would you believe the one that gave me the biggest problem was Elderberry! Had such a wonderful woodland flavour though .


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