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Hello community. Can someone point me in the direction of a machine that can make peanut butter cups? Thanks!

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CW -

What kinds of production volume are you looking to do?

FYI, generically, you can do these with what's called a "one shot" machine. Which one-shot machine is right for you depends on a number of factors - volume is one, the viscosity of the filling could be another, putting candy cups in the molds before filling might be the most challenging.

It will be pretty small scale probably 200/week to start off.  The peanut butter will be rather thick.  Thank you Clay!

Hi Clay,

Are there one-shot machines available that are less than $100,000?  I was considering buying one but after doing some research could not find one less than 100K (which is way too pricey at this point). 

I have an easy way to make these. Use a round magnetic mold or cup mold. Mold the shell. You can use a transfer sheet to jazz it up.
For the filling I use 100 gr melted cocoa butter, 170 gr powdered sugar, 650 gr peanut butter and salt to taste. Blend well, pipe in molds. Bottom next day. Recipe good for 7 magnetic molds of 15 pcs= 105 per batch.
Some people use peanut flour to replace some of the powdered sugar.
I easily make and sell about 200 per week.


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