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Hi everyone.


I feel like I haven't participated in the forums for ages...

I have a quick question. I am looking into pectin, but there are a few varieties available and I am not sure the one I should get, as I need to get a small amount to test some recipes.


I found a lot of options on - and that's the issue: too many options.


What brand do you use? And where do you get it from, if not from


Thank you all!



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Is it apple pectin for pate de fruit you are looking for?


Hi Kerry.


Yes! I want to start making pate de fruit, and I would like to narrow down my options when it comes to pectin - is it the same thing as unflavored gelatin?

Nope - not the same for sure.  It was hard for me to get my hands on it here in Canada - but I now have a couple of sources.  In the US - you can get it from Chef Rubber -

If you are on Amazon - narrow it down to apple pectin powder. 


When you have it in your hands and you are ready to start - check out this thread on eG


I can send you the Boiron recipes if you can send me your regular e-mail address.  

Hi Kerry.


Thank you so much for your help...


I would love to receive the recipes. My email is andre (dot) terrabrasilis (at) gmail (dot) com

(I hope one day we can share emails in forums like this without having to do the whole (at) (dot) blah blah blah...


Well, thanks again.


There are any number of books that go into the making of pates de fruits. Learning something about the chemistry will probably be a good help. Even if you don't want to buy your pectin from Amazon, I can recommend Peter Greweling's book - there's a whole chapter on Jellies.

Chocolates and Confections: Formula, Theory, and Technique for the ...

Hi Clay.

How have you been? 

I do have that book and, although it can get pretty technical, is full of wonderful recipes and tips.

Thanks for mentioning that.

Pectin is a unique gelling agent and is perfect for fruit since it uses acid to set, where most other gelling agents used (gelatin, starch, agar,...) do not tolerate acidity well, and it has a very clean flavor profile.  A high methoxyl (or HM) pectin is common for jellies, and is available in a range of DE (degree of esterification).  The set is affected by solids level, but once you add the acid source, your time to deposit is limited before it begins to pre-gel.  Acidifying to a pH of 3.1 will bring on a very rapid set, and a pH of 3.5 will be longer to set.  When purchasing pectin ask if it has already been buffered.  This helps slow the set.  If not you can add your own, usually the buffer salt of the acid you use.  So for citric acid, you add sodium citrate. 

Many feel a citrus pectin is cleaner than apple.  The level of pectin you use will vary depending on the type and level of fruit you use, as some already contain protopectins.

Great info, Mark. Thank you!! 

Hi Andre


I use Pectins a fair amount.  Some Pectins are heat sensitive - so it really depends upon what you want to use them for.  Here are a couple of url's that you can use to determins what you need - and possibly use other products to acheive similar or better - depening on your requirements:


All the best!




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