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Has anyone attached a chocolate pump, such as the Wahl Peppy Pumper, to a JKV wheel type chocolate tempering machine? If so does this increase productivity? Make for cleaner production? Any thoughts? Thank you.

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I have worked with JKV and all the clones of that machine. As it not a true tempering machine, you have to control tempering and crystallization manually. Therefore I would be nervous about increasing volume or more movement as risk of over crystallization in a small batch. We have many many customers using this style machine for molding, and capacity is never an issue on the flow of chocolate to the spout. Are you talking about feeding the J.k.v from an external melter to keep full. If so, not a bad idea, as long as you can manage to keep all in temper. Most just continuer topping up the JKV using a bowl, and the slightly warmer chocolate added mixes in usually just as he JKV tank is starting to over crystalize, so once you get the hang of it, it works well as you are balancing out your batch. You will notice over time the JKV batch will thicken due to over crystalized chocolate and thus you have to increase the thermostat temp or add in some untempered chocolate to kill off some of the over tempered chocolate crystals.
Richard, Thank you for your reply. I think I understand. Currently I am seeding my machine continuously with tempered solid chocolate to add more chocolate as my tank runs low. I imagine I will not be able to add quick enough and keep chocolate in temper and be productive when using a pump. What do you recommend to melt chocolate to add to my JKV? Also does this melted chocolate need to be in temper that is added to the machine? Thank you for your help!


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