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Anyone going?
I am staying Sunday and Monday and I would love to meet any other member who will be at the event.

Andre Costa

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I am planning to go. Not sure which days just yet. I think it is 3 days and I might only go for two. Still looking at my schedule. Also, I haven't decided where I am staying but the Sheraton was recommended to me as it was the closest to the show.

I am staying at the Sheraton (the hotel is inside the Convention Center). If you go to the Philly Candy Show site they have a list of the hotels that are offering some sort of discount for the attendants.

I will be there on Sunday and Monday. I don't think I will need all three days.
Hi Andre,

Maybe I will go there, but I have to find out my schedule because I'm at a show in Australia starting from 4 september.

Our agent Tomric will be there so you will be able to see our tempering units.

Have a great day !
Great. That's one of my main missions - to find a good tempering machine.


I really think you should make time for the show in AC. What does Australia have that New Jersey doesn't? I mean really, other than the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and kangaroos.

Plus Kiwis (the birds) and Koala bears!
Jersey has, hummm, errr.....well, Jersey has New York nearby.
I work for Tomric Systems and we exhibit at this show . . .I don't know our booth number but stop by. I will be shell moulding and panning in our both all three days.
Great. I will stop by for sure.

We are the US distributor for Selmi and will be demoing the equipment at the show, This is the equipment Tom is talking about in his post.

Hi Andre-pls. send me an email with your contact in-maybe cell phone-not sure if I will have my laptop there, but then we can connect. I also spoke with Joe from Chocovision. He will be doing some demos too. I can be contacted at Right now, I am planning for Sunday all day, Monday all day and some of Tuesday then heading home.
Hi Cyndi.
Email on its way.
I am planning to arrive in AC on Sunday morning, spend all day walking the show, then part of Monday. Gotta go back to NYC on Monday afternoon.
I am planning on attending Monday and Tuesday. Maybe we can get a few people together for dinner Monday night. You can reach me directly at



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