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Anyone going?
I am staying Sunday and Monday and I would love to meet any other member who will be at the event.

Andre Costa

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Hello Andre, and others:

I will be attending the Show in September, and Exhibiting the following year in 2010.

I am Senior Marketing Director of Hake Plastic Molds & Equipment.
We specialize in Affordable well-built Vibrating Tables, the Hake Metered Power Pump, Magnetic Rotational Molder, and over 3000+ molds, as large as 3 foot tall Santa Claus and Easter Bunny Designs.

If you would like to meet, I'm certain we can arrange something.

I will be at the Show possibly on Sunday, Definitely on Monday, and most certainly on Tuesday.

Feel free to e-mail me at

We can exchange phone numbers if you'd like, dinner is always a good possibility.

Shawn Alter - Chocolatier/Owner The Chocolate Butterfly
Senior Marketing Director - Hake Plastic Molds & Equipment
Hi Shawn. I can be reached at and I am attending the show too. Will probably try to sync up my schedule with those who are attending. See you at the show!
I'm happy to hear that so many of you will be attending the Philly Candy Show. Please stop by the Cargill Cocoa and Chocolate booth. I will be demonstrating chocolate artistry techniques using Peter's Chocolates. I have been a part of that show for the past 25 years and I've loved every minute of it! Looking forward to meeting you.
Hey Everyone,

I will also be attending the show.. I fly in on Sunday afternoon and will be staying to the Sheraton. Looking forward to meeting everyone.. This will be my first time at this show...

I am staying at the Sheraton as well. Feel free to look me up when you get there - I will arrive Sunday morning.
Should we try to arrange one big meeting with everyone who is going?
You can use me as your point of reference. Drop me a note and I will send you my cell phone.
We should all be there on Sunday, right?! Why don't we meet on Sunday afternoon at the trade show? Closer to the end of the day would be nice, so we could exchange some information about what we've seen so far.

Betty and I are in Atlantic City now and attending show this morning when it opens. I would like to meet you. How about at the Guittard booth at 12 noon or leave me a message there with an alternate time and place. Look forward.

Betty's Chocolates
Hi Ken.
That message was from last year. I did not go this year.
I hope you enjoyed it.


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