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HI, again I´m searching for some help. I´m trying to prefect a methood of making a filling that´s made of Glucose and sugar with added flavor. So I can make a filling for praline.

Does any one have a recipes they want to share with me.

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You are talking about what the americans call a 'cream' I assume? A good source of recipes would be Ruth Kendrick's book "Candymaking". Another older, but also useful book that covers creams is called "Making Chocolates" by Alex Lever.
Thank you, all I find on the internet is fondand cream filling. I made some peppermint pralines last year and I combined powdered sugar, clucose and water to get the right consisstancy and added some flavor and piped in the mold. Came out wonderful.

I was just trying to see if there was a similar way to do it.
Sort of similar to a fondant cream but without the actual cooked fondant. Not sure what you'd call that sort?
I use boling hot water to dissolve the powdered sugar and the glucose, add flavoring. Let cool and then I pipe it into the cavities.

People loved the peppermint ones and I found a small batch of them aboout 6 months later and they were still good.
hi hilmir,
i'm just curious at what temperature do you boil the mix and what kind of flavoring are you after?i'm assuming you are adding artificial ones (like mint essence oil)?
You can also buy trimoline and flavor it the way u has a long shelf life too.
Thanks Omar, I´ve been looking into trimoline and it looks like it will be the choice for me.

I bought a piece of peppermint choclate bar, made here in Iceland the ingredients for the filling was ,Glucose, Invert Sugar and flavoring.

And I use pepperment essence from a company here in Iceland and I got an orange flavor from something called CK og GK, I´m not home at the moment.
Update, I managed to make my own Trimoline (4 cups granulated sugar, 2 cups water, 1/4 tsp citric acid. Boiled until it reaches 114°c or 235°F. Cover pot with lid and let reach room temp.

I then added some glucose for consitency and to reduce the sweetness added some Peppermint flavor and pipped in some shells. It was a hit. It was execetly like the ones I buy in stores.

Thanks for the help.
niice. well done man!

Hi and thanks for the recipe. I tried your recipe for the "trimoline" , Its a good recipe but my outcome was far from perfect it came out a bit "cheap tasting"

I think the chocolate I used where a bit to sweet. It got a bit to sweet together with the peppermint creme. Here is a follow up question. Is there really difference between glucose syrup and trimoline?

The classic sugar syrup is always 2 parts granulated sugar with 1 part water. 

Ill try using darker more bitter chocolate next time combined with boiling the "trimoline/glucose syrup" a bit further. 

Thanks for sharing and also please let me know if you find any good recipe for fillings in the internet.

Easy way is to start with a basic fondant, then make a bob or thinning syrup of sucrose and glucose syrup at a level and ratio to make the creme thin enough to use and give you the final texture you're looking for.  Starting with a basic fondant or better yet making your own (its own topic) will give you a much smaller crystal and smoother/creamier texture.  Most basic fondant is an S-10 type, meaning 10 parts glucose syrup solids to 100 parts sucrose.  You can hold the basic fondant for weeks, just using as needed with the thinning syrup, saving a lot of time in production.  If you need to lighten the texture and reduce sweetnesss you can add a frappe.


Here is a little followup after months of searching, testing. I managed to make this last christmas after the first peppermint test I started here in this post.


Put 3 lbs sugar into a saucepan and add 15 oz water and mix, heat gently until it reaches 107° C


Add 280gr glucose and and mix. increase heat and bring temperature up to 115 - 118 °C Boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Let cool to about 45°c the mixture should be clear.


Beat the mixture with a wooden spoon, it will gradually begin to become white and thicker. If it becomes to thick ad a little water to keep the consistency right. Add flacor and color.

Pipe into pralines.


This worked great and I got a lot of compliments.

hello all , 

this is great info and i;m gonna try it out , i;m searching for a long shelf life mint filling for my dark chocolates . 

which is the ideal one of these to start with . 

thanks in advance. 


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