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Has anyone tried the Chuao bar from Pralus? Like to know what people are thinking about it.

Personally, I think it is a perfect representation of why Francois Pralus is truly a great chocolate maker. Almost always Francois walks the line between dark roast and burned. Often times ending up on the wrong side. And while I tend to prefer a lighter roast, when he hits that dark roast sweet spot without wiping out all the origin, it can be truly spectacular. This Chuao bar is such a result. All the bright fruit notes one would hope to find in Chuao, but an hauntingly deep roastiness. Almost like a well fermented cacao fresh of the barbecue. Quite possibly the best Chuao on the market.

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Matt- I agree with you about this bar. I think it is lovely, lovely, lovely!
Very reasonably priced too! Glad to know you are enjoying it.
I tasted and reviewed Pralus' Chuao on 4/11/10. Here's my note on the taste:
"I love it! Bold and powerful, yet oh so tasty. Initial- grain, malt; Middle- A small flash of honey. A good background note of wood smoke. Sometimes the smokiness seemed a little strong, maybe a sign of over roasting? Finale- still strong of malt. Long lasting range, very complex. You can get many different notes with different tastings."

You can read my full review notes for this and many other bars at my review website: "Choco Files". I attached it here too.

It's currently my #2 all time favorite, behind only the Amedei Chuao.

Have you recently tasted the Amedei Chuao? What are your impressions?

I tasted it in April 08 and April 09. Here are my Taste factor notes:

2008- Sublime! Complex and multifacted with 3 or 4 movements. Fruit and Roast. The initial subtle brown sugar/ molasses fades to roast. Middle- a few tangy notes, like mild citrus. Notes of figs, molasses, caramel, and mild nuts.
2009- Although still my favorite, this bar doesn't seem to have the same intensity or as wide a range of flavor.
(From Amedei- fully matured redcurrant and cherry, expanding in all directions. It evolves into a flavour of fresh fruits and closes with a sensation of honey and preserves.)

(from others- almonds, blackstrap molasses, blueberries, cashew, cherries, coffee, olives, plum, prunes, red fruits, raspberry, spicy raisins)
I tried it at the Fancy Food Show last summer. Francois Pralus was there and so we enjoyed meeting each other and we had a little chocolate tasting. Definitely an interesting take on Chuao and a very different take than say Coppeneur or Amedei but still quite recognizable as Chuao. It is always fascinating to me how each chocolate maker brings their own talent to their craft producing very different results.

I've just reviewed it and its quite possibly the best I've ever had. I love those "burned" crispy edges. A wonderful bar!
I am sorry to say I was pretty disappointed - most likely something went wrong in the production for the break of my bar was not at all clean, the melt was pretty strange – kind of spotted, and even with bare eye one could see tiny cocoa butter drops. Since chocolate is very much about emotions, the taste afterwards was just destroyed... Big expectations can turn out in a long lasting trauma - I just couldn't dare to purchase another Chuao bar by Pralus even having the possibility.
You don't like Pralus Chuao, but Lindt is listed as your favorite on your profile! If Lindt is your favorite, you must value texture over flavor. While the Lindt Excellence line is well made to be sure, their raw material leaves much to be desired. Lindt has no discernable notes of cacao and is dominated by "dark" roast and loads of vanilla.

From your description versus my experience, I can only assume you bought and consumed a badly damaged bar. While Pralus is certainly not the smoothest producer, your description indicates improper storage or shipping.

Although it still may not be worth another try, because if you are used to Lindt you are predisposed not to like Pralus as they don't use vanilla and Lindt is all but defined by it.
I see, I should update my profile :). Lindt is something what I can get easily, let say - in emergence case, not for savouring or delight, that's it. It was my first step discovering chocolate and I am not about to compare it with fine chocolates.
I was really looking forward to experience Chuao by Pralus after the excitement about Amedei.... well, it might be not at all rational but a disappointment just impact ones perception. And it didn't encourage to spend your money on another try.
The company/export agent admitted - "Yes definetely, something went wrong with the chocolate." Since the surface was just perfectly shiny, I assume the damage wasn't caused by wrong storage temperatures. C'est la vie - I just wasn't lucky enough to get a proper bar. And, I've already mentioned, chocolate is very much about emotions :).
When I am in a Pralus mood (read: appreciating VERY dark roast), Chuao is the ultimate. It is interesting to me how some of the flavors I associate most with Amedei's bar are nowhere to be found in Pralus's.

I get the dried red fruit more than anything. I especially get grapes and raisins and that fruit-skin bitterness. It is fun getting something without the floral vanilla that is so characteristic in Amedei's bars. Mark me down as a believer for this one.

And are you posting from Europe? Bring me back something nice!
Back from Europe and I brought some great things from Europe for you to try.

Just tried it for the first time. Holy crap it's amazing. So dark but still can tell it's Chuao. Wow!


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