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I'm new to this site, thought i might get some help here,

I got the Chocolate world magnetic molds, my prints on the chocolates end up with cracks!

Anybody had the same issue? tips greatly appreciated!

How i do it:

I print on transfer sheets from Deco then pour a thin layer of white baking chocolate before filling the mold with brown truffle, leave it about 15 minutes to cool off then put in freezer for 5-10minutes

when the chocolates are out, the designs on them appear cracked:(

I tried:

1.having the white chocolate on a low temperature before pouring it, (as per deco)

2.keeping the designs lightly colored (as per deco)

even tried not to use the freezer at all and  keep the molds laying for 12 hours, but then they are so difficult to pop out of the molds, and the molds are difficult to clean,  

Any trick how to eliminate the cracking?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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I'm surprised Deco suggested using cooler chocolate.  Seems to me, you need to have it at the upper limit of tempered chocolate (whatever kind you use) before you pour.  I would leave in longer as you did before, but then pop them into the freezer 20 minutes before you remove from the mold. 


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