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I am having trouble with the sun shining/glaring into my store and causing some of the chocolates to bloom. The sun does not shine directly in but when cars park in front of the store the glare from them makes our chocolates bloom. I am looking into getting our windows tinted but I don't want to get them tinted too dark as I want people to be able to look in.  I am looking for advice on how to solve this problem.



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Tinting can get expensive, depending on the film, the size of windows, if you have it done or do it yourself, and how much sun you want to block out. (the darker the film, the more expensive) If you work in a Strata bldg, or have a land lord looking for any kind of excuse, it's best not done.  And if the a window ever needs replacing you have to re-apply all over again

Blinds are your best option.  I have the finest blinds Ikea  has--at $20.00 a pop.  This is the gauzy type of open mesh material that actually looks classy, and you can roll it up or down as you wish.  Venetian blinds are another option, but are a dust magnet, bamboo is another option


Did you ever tint your windows...I am doing so next week. Would be curious to hear if it was helpful? I have found that for an hour or two each day I am having a sunshine problem. I really don't want to keep my blinds closed all the time so I am going to try tinting.


Nope.  Strata is very picky about that, and it is expensive to install and darkens the room dramatically.  Also, if the window ever needs to be replaced, new film has to be installed.

No, I'm happy with my el-cheapo Ikea blinds

I ended up getting my windows and doors tinted soon after
I posted. I paid about $500 for the tint and installation. So far
I have not had any problems since we had the windows tinted.

I have been meeting w/ tint companies this week...mostly 3M dealers. $500 seems like a steal. I'm down to $680 for 3 50x72 windows. What type of tint did you use? I am going to use a clear tint which will supposedly cut the heat but still allow the light in. I have one more company I am meeting with that uses Panorama film instead of 3M. They are supposed to be cheaper....just one of the things I am stuck doing this week instead of making chocolate!

The film we used was from a company called Solar Gard. We had 4  32"x 32" windows and 2 doors tinted. We ended up going with a film that was slightly tinted but not too dark so you cant see in. During the day there are times when  the sun is shining on the windows and it is hard to see in.  So far we did not have any more damage to products in the store. The only damage we had were some chocolate pretzels in the window display melting. 

This is what I did in our retail store...  not through this company, but you get the idea...  I paid $1200 to cover the front of my store (two 8x8 blinds)  and had photographs printed on the blinds.  one is of caramel apples and the other of dipped strawberries.  so...  when the sun is shining directly into my store and I have to lower the blinds.... (always in the early morning winter months....  i don't have to lower blinds in the summer because we have an awning that protects the windows....)  I am still advertising products that I sell daily....

I have my employees lower them at night and then i roll them up at about 10 am sept oct nov....  11am dec jan feb mar.... 10am apr may jun  july and august they don't need to be lowered.  It all depends on how the sun hits the front of your store.

morning sun is intense and damaging but i don't think i would want those shades down in the afternoon....  note to those opening new locations.....  this is something you never think of when you are opening a new store....  "When does the sun hit my window?"  Shades down often says CLOSED to your customers.....  you want those shades down as little as possible.

even if there is snow on the ground outside, the sun can melt chocolate through the window.  if the shades are down, the doors are open.....  i don't care how cold it gets....  

I hope this helps....  check out the link for an idea....


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