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I've been making chocolate at Christmas time since 1990. Someone gave me Candymaking by Ruth Kendrick. I've used many of the recipes with great success. However, the Fresh Raspberry Fondant has only been successful once in 1995. Every year I try it and it never has set up well since then. I've tried fresh and frozen raspberries, leaving out the corn syrup and leaving out pinch of baking soda, but nonr works. Any suggestions?
I would also like to find a good coffee fondant recipe.

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I can probably help with this one:-) That recipe was always a bit soft. Use freeze dried raspberries. I run them through a food processor and then make a paste out of the powder, a drop or two of citric acid and just enough water to make it change color. I then stir this in after beating the fondant for about 5 minutes. It gives a very nice color and flavor. I use about 1/4 cup powder. Also, don't cook it in aluminum as this will invert more sugar as it cooks. Ruth
I will be glad to try this. I don't know that I ever have seen freeze dried raspberries. Are they readibly available?
Thanks for the answer.
You can get online or I can get in local stores. They come in food storage size #10 cans. You should be able to find online in smaller amounts.
Thanks for the answer. I just ordered some on-line.


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