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Problems with tempering in new Savage Bro. machine

I've been tempering chocolate by hand on marble for years and recently purchased a 50# Savage Bro. tempering machine.  I have been unable to get a correct temper in this machine. The chocolate turns out to be very cloudy and difficult to get out of the molds.  I know the temps I have always tempered at (I make bean to bar chocolate) and they are just not working.

Anyone use this machine and have any tricks, advice?  Thank you!

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Bummer.  It sounds like you have a "Friday" machine.

Keep in mind that the machine does not cool the water.  It uses tap water, and if your tap water is room temperature that will cause you challenges when cooling your chocolate.


The thermocouples in those machines are easy to replace, but rather expensive.  I talked to a tech about some issues with a caramel cooker last year, and he mentioned that he could walk me through the process of recalibrating the thermocouple on the machine.


You may want to ask for technical assistance to do this.  Recalibrating it should help you with that problem.


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