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Are there interested to discuss the production of chocolate?
Tell me your experience about it!
Specifically the production of ball mill

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I work in a chocolate factory and have a problem to make white chocolate. It isn t taste enough and dense fluid.

I feel the bitter taste, maybe it's from milk powder?

well, you're going to need to provide many more details if you'd like help.  Specifically:

1) Exact formula of your chocolate, including details on the milk ingredients used

2) timing of addition of ingredients

3) how you operate your ball mill.

I will tell you, that using a ball mill for white chocolate isn't the best solution.

Hey Goran,

Are you refering to production management? Because this is a topic I am really interested in discussing.

I am refering about it. It's a good way for the production of milk and dark chocolate. Now, i try to find way that I make good white chocolate.

What are you interesting?

Ingredients for white chocolate - suger, milk powder and cocoa butter,dextrose, whey powder. The most important ingredients are milk powder (19%), cocoa butter 33%. We use a ball mill(t=45-50) and we add lecithin on start and  15 minutes the end ago. The whole process takes 1h45min. 

Can you tell me what i have to do? I want to make smoother chocolate.

Is it the moisture in the ingredients may be the problem?

afraid you still don't have nearly enough information.  you list your ingredients, but it's not the formula.  The details are incredibly important (ie what fat milk powder?  what size media, temp of your mill, and # of passes (i assume you have multiple passes?)  what's the temperature increase over multiple passes?)

What do you need to do - you need to provide a great deal more information, i'm afraid.

Moisture is always a problem....

Hello Sebastian! Can you sent me your e-mail adress and i ll sent you details about it!

I think, the main problem is process, temperature or moisture.

Does anyone know why the barley melt extract use in the productions of chocolate?


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