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Hi, all. I was wondering if anyone would care to share their thoughts on the retail pricing of chocolate candies.

I'm just about to open a new shop, and I've been thinking about changing my pricing model. Previously, I priced my truffles (and truffle-like items) by the piece. But in the past, most of my business has been online, so giving a fixed price to, say, an 8-piece box made sense. I also used to have a *very* little storefront, with a limited selection of items, but I just continued the by-piece pricing there.

Now my new store is larger, busier (it's in a mall), and will have a much wider selection of chocolates, many of which are more sensibly sold by the pound (e.g., nut bark, panned items). My original plan was to continue the per-piece pricing on the truffles but weigh the other items, which because of the reduced effort involved in their production, would have a lower per-pound price. At my current price of $2 each, the truffles work out to approx. $45 per pound, which is pretty mid-range in my region. I was thinking of pricing the other items at $24 per pound.

Does this sound too confusing? If someone buys only truffles or only bark, the process is simple. But if they start combining items, then I'm weighing some stuff and not others. If I weigh everything but price them accordingly, I still have two tiers. But if I have a single price per pound -- which I've seen done in several places -- I'm either discounting the truffles or -- as I've also seen -- overcharging for the "simpler" items.

So.... any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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