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My wife has recently enrolled in a chocolate making course being taught online, and now in the tempering (table method) stage. 

While tempering the we are noticing some bubble (or grainy look) in the chocolate. But it seem to disappear when we bring the chocolate together, but shows up when we start tempering again. Is this normal. Please advise. 

I have seen in Youtube videos that they use a Pastry scraper (attached). Is that what its is called. Because I am having a difficulty finding one in my place. Please advise


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Can you post a photo of what you are describing?

Hmm I think I know what you are describing there because my chocolate reacts the same way, as if there's too many bubbles inside the chocolate, I've never had grainy though. I'll try to take  a picture of it just to make sure we're talking about the same thing. But I don't know why some chocolates like to keep the air bubbles, a lot of them, maybe it's the way you're tempering the chocolate?

It kinda looks like bubbles from far. I was watching some videos on YouTube and noticed similar type is bubbles. I'll post some pictures during my next tempering attempt. I was wondering it could be because of water or moisture content. What happens if there is water in the chocolate?

it will clump, it'll become "untemperable" haha I dont think it has something to do with moisture, I live in a very humid area (mostly 70-90% ) but I temper different kinds of chocolate and not all of them develop this kind of bubbles, but who knows? haha I always thought it was the way I temper that incorporates the air into the chocolate


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