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We want to sell chocolates online. However, not able to figure out if chocolates can survive for 48 hours even with gel ice.

I have tested this with Techni Ice gel ice, however chocolate melts in 48 Hours and remains good only for 24 hours.

Does any one has any other solution? We tested with good insulated packing box properly sealed. Ice was good enough as per box space.

Is it better to use compound chocolate for courier purpose?

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Did you read Clay's shipping Primer?  It's really a good one:

I'm lost on how a well sealed, bubbled, mylar'd bag/box, and iced package didn't make it.  We ship delicate white chocolate truffles across the country in 3 days during the summer and it still manages to get where it's going without ending up a mess.

If you ever have a real packing question talk to those who make the ice packs. Local to us is Providence Packaging ( if you talk to David Vance he can easily tell you what requirements you need to make any type of shipment.  These guys are in the business of staying cool and have studies to boot. You can take it as far as dry icing to as simple as what Clay (and we) do. 

Hello Andy

Thanks for your reply. I have already read that post and its a very useful one. Do you think if we are using a good packing with thermocols on the sides and top/bottom, we still have a requirement for aluminum bubble wrap?

We didn't used an aluminum bubble wrap insulator. That seems to be the only difference. Further how about Techni Ice from Australia. Any knowledge on that?


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