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Any day now I'll be receiving my first chocolate transfer sheets. I was wondering what's the best way to store these? The place where I'm storing my chocolate usually has a temperature of about 15°C, so I'm guessing this would also be a good temperature to also store the transfer sheets? 

Can you clarify what's the maximum and minimum temperature for storing transfer sheets, cause when I'm doing moulded chocolates I lower the temperature to approximately 8°C and I'm not sure if that might be too cold for the sheets to be stored (and therefore might have to temporarily remove the sheets from the cooler while making moulded chocolates)? 

Also, when using transfer sheets, how long should you wait before removing the transfer sheets (chocolates made with the magnetic mould rest at 8°C, while enrobed chocolates rest at 15°C)?



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The transfer sheets are cocoa butter. Just keep them in a zip lock bag between 6c - 19c. I would let them set for a good 20 minutes but it all depends of how thick your chocolate is.

As Rochelle says, the colour in the transfer sheets is cocoa butter, so treat the transfer sheets as if they were chocolate in terms of storage and in terms of letting them "set" before removing them.

I've also found the print sticks better if you let your chocolate set at room temperature before placing at a lower temp.

Thank you Gap & Rochelle for your valuable feedback. I'm excited to get started with the transfer sheets :-)


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