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Hello I am looking for a good recipe for red fruit filling for my white pralines.

It's for my exams, we need to create 3 pralines, white, milk and black.  The black will be with egg liqueur, the milk with butter coconut, and I want the white pralines with a red fruit filling but could find realy good, not tooooo difficult recipes.

If would realy appreciate any help.  Thanks!


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Ok the exams were realy good, next part in the course is marzipan (which I realy don't like).  Think I'm gonna practise further on new praline fillings.  Any tips would be apreciated!





would u like help with marzipan as a filling or making marzipan from scratch?

Thanks Omar, currently I 'm not working with marzipan.  Next week we'll start with it.  I think we will be moddeling with marzipan.  still no idea right now.  But I am actually more interested in all sort of (tropical) fruit fillings and I might want to try out somethings with spices...  Thanks already!
Have you tried using strawberry or raspberry freeze dried powder in a white chocolate ganache.  They are very easy to use and they don't add excessive moisture to the ganache.

hi Anderson,


I'm curious to try those dried powder.i just googled some info.It looks like a great product to use for long shelf life chocolates.Do you get a nice natural fruit taste? What brand do you use? (i'm looking at "nutifruit") 

Hi Omar

I think the taste is great. I use nutifruit which I ordered it on amazon. it really is a great product i have used it bars, ganaches an this weekend I'm going to use it in some caramels. There is also another company called American Spice that carries citrus powders that you night like .

awesome! ill look that up thanks. I just hope I can find a supplier in the middle east

Thanks guys, I have now used a white chocolate ganache compound of which the result is actualy realy good.  I also added a red fruit liqueur.  Currently one of my favorite pralines.  I actually wanted to try it with fresh or frozen strawberries, but currently didn't do that...  Any ideas on pineapple and passion fruit fillings would be great!




davy try pineapple and coconut, they go great together


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