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So, I have noticed a recent upsurge in "raw" chocolate products. A couple I have tried have been tasty. But I don't understand what makes raw chocolate raw. Are the beans just not roasted? And if not what is done with them. Why would leaving chocolate "raw" be advantageous? Is it healthier and why? Inquiring minds want to know....

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Hi Sarah,

We are cacao farmers in southern Philippines. For us raw chocolate are just sun dried cacao beans, you eat the beans unprocessed that is unroasted. The taste is weird, but from my readings it is supposed to be 80% healthier than roasted beans.

Hi Jun,
Do you sell certified organic cacao beans? I am looking for additional sources.
Sacred Steve
Hi Steve,

We have been certified locally last 2003 but unfortunately since then we have not renewed our certification since we got no organic product buyer. Annual certification renewal would cost us at least 1000 USD so without a buyer, we will only be throwing our money for nothing, inspite of this we still grow our crops organically. If youre still interested drop me a message will be most interested to supply you.
Can you send some samples of your organic beans, nibs, and non-deodorized butter?


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