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Hi guys,

If anyone is looking to source South American cocoa beans, harvested from Criollo dominated farming regions then please look no further, through a rather complexe maze of contacts I acquired whilst living in South America I now have a reliable steady supply coming into the UK, it took me long enough to sort out, I've been at it for the last 4 years, sending emails back and forth along with a few visits.

[ EDITED to remove direct contact information.]

Speak soon and as a new member of this website I would like to say "HELLO" to all.

Best Regards
Anthony Aaron  

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Anthony -

You are a new member here, and I just sent you a private message on this. Direct commercial solicitation for business is restricted to the Classifieds section of this site. For businesses providing products and services, there is a small fee to post Classifieds.

I rely on the support of businesses like yours to help cover the operating costs of the site.

:: Clay


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