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Reasonable Chocolate Melters(Holding tanks like Mol'dArt) from England

Hey fellow candy makers!

I wanted to get a feel on how in demand are chocolate melters/holders, the kind that does not temper, but has a thermostat and keeps chocolate in same temperature.
I used them in a chocolate academy when tempering chocolate.
I have an access to them, and wanted to see if someone is interested in buying them in future near or far.


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prices? size?
Well the sizes are 4, 8, 18 Kg and they fit one two or three trays in them, the smallest one fits one tray, the medium fits one to two trays and the biggest fits one to three trays. Extra trays are purchased separately.
The prices are about 400, 600 and 750. I am talking with the manufacturer now about the exact specs.
I recently purchased a 125 pound chocolate melter/conditioner from Savage Brothers. It is perfect for my needs and was a very good investment.
Oh, I am still in the phase of the smallest possible machines-:) available.


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