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Hi All,

I want to take my chocoatiering full circle by visiting a cocoa farm. I am wondering if anyone has recommendations.  Not necessarily interested in the Kallari tours in Ecuador.  I'd like to visit Costa Rica, Peru or another safe place. I don't speak Spanish at this time, so am hoping there would be some English speaking individuals.  Also, when is the best time of year to go to be part of or present at harvest, fermentation, drying etc.?  I'm sure I'm missing questions, but wanted to get this out there. ~Thanks!

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November is called the Caribbean summer in Costa Rica. Noemally rainy in the rest of the country but dry and sunny where Caribeans is located!
There is going to be a chocolate festival on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast that falls during the harvest season. The festival begins on October 26 and runs through the 28th. During this festival there will be plenty of opportunities to visit farms, see processing, workshops, etc. in the next few days I am going to post something here on this forum and there will be a schedule of events and more information on the Facebook page. Puerto Viejo chocolate festival. This information will be coming soon. Peter


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