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After experimenting with various methods of refining, I'm about as lost as I can be. I'm trying to decide which is the most efficient and effective method - roll milling, ball milling, stone grinder, and pul.mill. I just want to get some idea as to what everyone prefers... Let me know...


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The "best" method depend on what you are trying to achieve and what throughput you are aiming for. I have a 30kg granite grinder and use that to refine the nibs for a good few hours before adding other ingredients and starting the conching part of the process. When supply cannot meet demand I might need to find something else but at the moment that is working fine.
My other concern was cleaning - as I use several types of bean and make small batches I only want to have to clean as few machines as possible to minimise losses. This way I only clean the grinder and. later, the temperer.

Quantity will dictate the best grinding method. We've used stone grinders in the beginning and now use a hammer mill and 3 roll refiner. The hammer mill quickly grinds the nibs into a rough liquor. The roll refiners take longer to refine but give the best results in my humble opinion. Having 2 refiners in series would speed up production - as would having larger rolls $$$. I think most chocolate makers would tell you that you make chocolate with what you have. Its possible to find a good deal, be prepared to fix up machines (a necessity in this business).


I stone grinded some chocolate the other day and realised it is the best method to achieve a better smoother tastier chocolate. Now because I am not using one at work and because I will need a large industrial refiner to match demand. I would love to ask you fine people. What's a good industrial refining machine?

What's the best color car, red or blue?  Depends on what you value.  There are lots of ways to particle size reduce.  For me, the best one is a million dollar buehler refiner or an air classified mill.  That's not going to be the best for most of you because of the infrastructure, volume, and cost requirements.

if you're a little guy making 10 lbs a day, a stone roller mill is probably your best bet, or a small lehman or day pilot refiner.

Sebastian, as I mentioned, I will need an industrial machine, to be exact I would like to have the flexibility to produce up to 4000 Kgs a day. So if I consider money not being an issue (since It will be coming out of my employers pockets :) ) are you recommending the buehler? 

Buehler makes a mighty fine series of 5 roll refiners.   You may want to get a smaller pre-refiner (3 roll) to use in conjunction with the 5 roll.

I'd love for money not to be an issue 8-)  

Lebanon eh - i used to go hiking in the mountains there with a massive bear of a priest named Vartok.  Beautiful place.

AWesome I'll look into the 5 rolls and see what happens.

Yeah hiking in Lebanon is fun. Before moving to Dubai I used to go every weekend but I never met name. it goes better on a psychedellic music artist if you ask me.  :-)

Well, this was not a typical priest 8-)  

Dubai's just too hot for me.  Dune bashing's a lot of fun though 8-)


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