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Apologise if this has come up elsewhere - I recently purchased a Rev V tempering machine, we are just starting out bean to bar and have been experimenting this weekend with tempering. The first batch was milk chocolate, we added the chocolate straight from the grinder (no seed), stuck it in temper mode 2 and left it do it's thing. The bars came out streaked and speckled with grey. So we tried again, this time manually reducing the temp to its lowest setting (around 26 degrees Celsius) and still in temper mode 2. With this second batch we noticed the machine stated 'ready' at only 28 degrees and the chocolate was very thick, we tried to manually adjust the temp up a fraction to reduce viscosity but it would not allow us to. Anyhow the we put the second batch into moulds and the chocolate came out much better, less streaked etc but still not perfect. We wanted to try a third time however as we should be able to manually adjust the temp upwards and I wanted to figure out why we couldn't, again the same thing happened on the third attempt - we reduced the temp down and set it in temper mode 2, it said 'ready' at 28 degrees c and we couldn't increase the temp anymore. I have sent a query to chocvision but wondered if anyone had any similar experiences? Any advice?

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Hello Katie:

This is Ian from ChocoVision.  Can I call or email you to discuss your specific situation?  You can email me your information to and I will reply.

Thank you


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